Tuesday, July 20, 2010

8 years later...

8 years later...I have done extremely well at Lowood over the past 8 years.
I spent 6 as a student and 2 as a teacher.I have been on the lookout for a
job and just recently heard back from a lady at a plae called Thornfield.
Miss Temple just left the school and that was one of the reasons I decided
I needed a change as well. I had a surprise visitor today. It was Bessie!
Do you remember her from a long time ago? She was the maid at the Reed's home.
It was such a great surprise. She told me she is married and has two children.
Bessie tells me of the Reed family. John has gone off the deep end and
continue to disappoint Aunt Reed. Bessie also tells me that my father's
brother came looking for me about 7 years ago. How interesting! I was
so glad to see Bessie, but had to part ways. I am off to my new journey
at Thornfield and could not be any more excited :) I will fill you in
when I arrive!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Big News

I have overheard that Mr. Brocklehurst's bad care of the school is one of the reasons of the typhus spread. I heard that some new people are coming in to run the school.


It is now spring at Lowood school. The trees are growing, flowers are blooming, and it is beautiful to be out in nature. However, things at school are not looking good. Typhus is beginning to spread throughout school. Many of my classmates are sick, including Helen Burns. It is a very sad time. I made a new friend these days and her name is Mary Ann. She isn't like Helen, but we have spent lots of time together. I have stayed healthy and am very thankful for that. Last night I snuck into Helen's room to see her. I have to be very careful, otherwise I will get in big trouble. Helen told me that she was going to die. That really scared me, but Helen assured me it was going to be ok because she was going to heaven to be with God. She told me not to be sad. I fell asleep with Helen and she died during the night. Today is a sad day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The devil is back!

Hey guys, Mr Brocklehurst is back… L (he is lazy, this month he has barely showed up to school)… I was extremely nervous of his return, and as I suspected, it all went extremely wrong!!! I didn’t mean to drop my slate! I promise!... It made him sooo mad! He made me stand in a stool for a WHOLE day! He also forbid my schoolmates to talk to me because he says I’m a liar! That is not fair! Well, my aunt surely told him on purpose that I was a liar, she would be happy to see me chastised this way. Helen was the only one that made me feel better today. She is such a good friend! She couldn’t talk to me but she smiled when she walked by J…. I hope she helps me clean up my reputation at this school!!!... Oh lord… This is all for this time, I’ll be back soon!

No kidding!

This is my second morning at Lowood, and guess what??? The water we were supposed to wash ourselves with is FROZEN! Living at this school is no joke indeed! We eat very little, and work too hard! I like praying, but the sermons here are extremely long! My friend Helen keeps getting humiliated in class; I don’t know why Miss Scatcherd treats her so badly! I guess she doesn’t get her… Helen says she practices a doctrine of Christian endurance, that seems serious! She told me she’s friends with her enemies, how crazy is that? However, its her choice! She won’t listen to my arguing points! I’ll be back as soon as I have some spare time! Bye

First day of class

I woke up to a bell and notice all the girls getting up and getting ready for the day. School is very strict and it's not much fun at all. I have been trying to fit in and I have made a friend actually. I met a girl name Helen, who was not being treated very nice by that mean lady Miss Scartchered. She was not as nice as Miss Temple. Helen told me that the school is for orphan girls that is paid for by other people. Which means that the Reeds haven't paid anything to send me here. I knew their had to be some reason why i was sent way out here. Well today was not much fun at all hopefully things will get better soon.

School Time

Today, I hop on a 6 a.m carriage headed for Lowood, where my school is. I finally arrived and the day has not got any better. I was showed to my dorm, which is not very homey at all. I mean, how can a long room with a lot of beds along each side could be? I was showed my area which I shared with Miss Miller for the night. Ok lights out! Time to sleep and see what the first day of class will be like!